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How to Invest in AFC Asia Frontier Fund (LUX)

Asia Frontier Capital Limited is a Luxembourg domiciled SICAV fund and is a parallel fund to the AFC Asia Frontier Fund (Non-US), a Cayman Island fund, and is open for non-US investors only.

Subscription to the funds is available on a monthly basis and closes 5 working days prior to the last day of each calendar month. There are 2 share classes and the fund base currencies are USD, CHF and EUR.

For information on how to invest in the AFC Asia Frontier Fund (the Cayman Islands fund) please click here and for the AFC Vietnam Fund please click here).

Invest Directly with AFC

To invest directly in AFC’s funds you will need to:

  1. complete the subscription documents
  2. provide KYC information
  3. arrange a funds transfer of the investment amount

The documents take approximately 20 minutes to complete. To enquire about this process or request the documents please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Whilst there are many ways to gain access to our funds, we generally advise potential investors to invest directly into the AFC Asia Frontier Fund, AFC Iraq Fund or AFC Vietnam Fund. The advantages compared to investing through a bank, platform or other provider include:

  1. No brokerage fees when subscribing to the funds
  2. No custody fees during the holding period
  3. Investors will receive a monthly update with number of shares held and latest NAV (can also be used for tax purposes in many countries)
  4. Investors will receive ad-hoc information such as the audited annual report

Invest via your Bank

You can enquire with your bank as to whether they have an established relationship with Asia Frontier Capital or access to our funds via another mechanism. Occasionally some investors have been trying to invest through their bank however some of the banks declined the order for unknown reasons. 

In such a case, you should inform your bank that the following companies can provide fund execution services:

  1. Brown Brothers Harriman, New York (
  2. CITCO Global Securities Services Ireland (
  3. Clearstream (
  4. "FundSettle platform" of Euroclear, Brussels (
  5. SIX Securities Services, Olten (
  6. Societe Generale Securities Services Luxembourg (
  7. Vidacos Nominees / Citibank London 

These fund service providers have already invested in one of our funds on behalf of their clients.

Invest via a Fund Platform, Insurance Company or Nominee Provider

The AFC Asia Frontier Fund has already been included on various fund platforms:

  1. Friends Provident fund platform (
  2. Generali fund platform (
  3. Old Mutual fund platform (
  4. IFSAM - International Fund Services & Asset Management S.A. (

We have received enquiries from clients regarding other fund platforms and the majority of platform providers indicated that they are able to begin their internal due diligence process on our funds when they receive a request from their existing clients.

If you would like assistance investing via your existing fund account please be in touch directly with them to enquire. We are also happy to help expedite this process on your behalf and encourage you to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like assistance from our team.

Invest via your SIPP

UK investors can invest in AFC Asia Frontier Fund (Lux) through their SIPP. 

As each juristiction has different regulations and administrative procedures please contact your retirement fund to enquire about potential options to invest. If you would like more information with regard to investing via your retirement vehicle please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Fund Information

 Class AClass B
Management Fee 1.8% p.a. of NAV 1.5% p.a. of NAV
Performance Fee 10% NAV appreciation above 3
month USD LIBOR +2% and high
water mark
8% NAV appreciation above 3
month USD LIBOR +2% and high
water mark
Subscriptions 5 business days before month end 5 business days before month end
Redemptions Monthly at NAV – with 90 days notice Monthly at NAV –  with 180 days notice
Fund Base Currencies USD, EUR, CHF USD, EUR, CHF
Initial Minimum Investment EUR 125,000 or equivalent EUR 125,000 or equivalent
Subsequent Minimum Investment (US & non-US Investors) USD 5,000 for USD shares USD 5,000 for USD shares
EUR 5,000 for EUR shares EUR 5,000 for EUR shares
CHF 5,000 for CHF shares CHF 5,000 for CHF shares
Valuation Day Last day of each calendar month Last day of each calendar month

Fund Details

  Securities Numbers: AFC Asia Frontier Fund (LUX)
ISIN LU1710541761 LU1710542496 LU1710541928 LU1710542652 LU1710542140 LU1710542819
CUSIP 171054176 171054249 171054192 171054265 171054214 171054281
Valoren 38769583 38769585 38770645 38770649 38770654 38770656


Asia Frontier Investments Limited, a subsidiary of Asia Frontier Capital Limited, is licensed by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission "SFC" for Type 4 (Advising on Securities) and for Type 9 (Asset Management)

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